The Leadership Group

Magruder Taylor, Managing Partner
Magruder Taylor founded MTT in 2001 in response to increasing needs of businesses that have complex software and hardware platforms, but without the highly skilled in-house technicians at hand to address necessary upgrades, analysis and integration of new systems in response to industry growth and advances in technology.

Magruder manages the technical and operational areas of the organization. Magruder leads the MTT team and is responsible for MTT operating as a leading provider of technology solutions of established and emerging software, hardware, application systems, platforms and integration systems. Magruder keeps the MTT team current with cutting edge and bleeding edge technologies and how they integrate with current and emerging platforms, developing software and hardware solutions, systems analysis and beyond.

Magruder has over 13 years in the business and technology industry, with experience including building applications, development programming, hardware platforms, system integration and development. Magruder has worked with companies including BD Bioscience, Nokia Networks and Citicorp. His extensive technological expertise and reputation for delivering effective solutions to high profile clients regularly attracts the best technicians to the MTT support team.

Magruder is committed to giving back to the community and supports organizations including The Mentoring Center and Village-Connect of Oakland, California. Magruder holds a B.S. in Mathematics of Computation from University of California, Los Angeles.

Sammuel Washington, Managing Partner
Sammuel Washington is responsible for the executive leadership of MTT and works closely with these members on the establishment and implementation of strategic goals to support the growth of the company. Sammuel oversees development of the MTT vision, including leadership development, process efficiency and unifying emerging technologies with strategic planning.

Prior to joining MTT, Sammuel has provided over 15 years of global technology management and business systems strategy services, garnering expertise in operations leadership, technology services delivery, team building and extensive team leadership.

Sammuel’s professional affiliations include the Black Data Processors Association and Contra Costa County Sheriff’s department, for which Washington acts as DHS Critical Incident Coordinator and Chaplain. Sammuel holds a B.A. in Political Science and Comparative Public Policy from University of California, Davis, certification in Program Management from NGC Project/Program Management Institute and certification in Executive Leadership from University of Virginia.

A. Bernard Anderson, Managing Partner
A. Bernard Anderson oversees the financial responsibilities of MTT, incorporating over 15 years experience in corporate finance, integration of robust software systems for long-range planning from private equity and venture capital experience to the company. A. Bernard's extensive expertise in corporate financial management offers MTT creative growth opportunities in the ever expanding arena of business technology development for high-tech software and hardware platforms for the wide range of clients served by MTT.

Before joining MTT, A. Bernard established himself as an expert with Andercorp Ventures LLC. Andercorp services include venture capital and private equity planning and management for public and private companies. Additionally, A. Bernard continually adds value by staying abreast of business and technology trends in regards to facilitating departmental planning on fiscal impact to migration of new software systems for entities varying sizes within the corporate, private and public sectors.

A. Bernard serves on the advisory board for the BUILD organization and supports civic and nonprofit groups including the Wall Street Wizards Urban Financial Literacy Program. A. Bernard holds B.S. from Howard University and an MBA from San Francisco State University.