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4-SCORE Methodology

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MPSPG – The HSMB 4-SCORE Advisory Partner

MPSPG Is Your Organization’s Success Driven Strategic Advisory & Solutions Delivery Partner.

MPSPG Offers Our 4-SCORE “Strategy, Solutions, Services & Support CORE” Practices:

  1. Business Charter, Program, & Process Enhancement
    Enhance, Improve, & Restructure Your Organization & Business Model Through Strategic Assessment & Alignment Of Key Business Operation/Process Goals & Objectives.
  2. Financial Operating Platform & Process Enhancement
    Assessment Of The Management, Tracking, Utilization, Reporting, & Update of The Organizational Financial Investment Program; Includes Review Of Relevant Components Such As: Financial Resource Engagement & Support, Financial Commitments & Contracts, AR & AP, Credits & Debits, Cost & Expense Structuring & Tracking, Resource Schedule & Utilization Management, Revenue Generation, ROI, ROS, P&L & Margin Management.
  3. Technology Platform & Enterprise Integration & Enhancement Services
    Assessment & Analysis Of The Business Technology Enterprise; From Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, iPad, & Mobile Devices to Networks, Servers, Email Systems, Web Platforms, Data Management Services & e-Commerce Solutions To Basic Production & Manufacturing Operations; Establish Operational Gaps, Areas Of Enhancement & Points Of Improvement; Development Of Solutions & Strategies To Close Technology Gaps & Enhance Technology Relevant Business Processes.
  4. End-To-End Security Strategy, Services, & Solutions
    Conduct Security Assessment & Review Of Community, Facility, Organizational, Operational, & Technology Environments; Determine Gaps & Deltas In Security Posture; Propose & Implement Strategies Which May Include All Areas From Parking Spaces To Core Facility Internal Operations, From Principal IT Stack & Production Platforms To Networked Desktops & Devices; Develop Securitization Solutions Which Integrate Communications, Supply Chain, , LAN/WAN, Intranet & Internet Services & Beyond.
    MPSPG serves as a collaborative & consultative partner with the leadership team to assess & determine business challenges & initiatives, support to establish & implement a “Mature Business Model”.
    MPSPG assists to streamline business challenges & initiatives into program objectives, goals & schedules that are understandable & manageable for the business.
    MPSPG works to prioritize & strategize roadmaps, critical pathways, formal responses, & operational steps, as well as set milestone markers to address key pain points & prime targets in stabilizing & growing the business.
    MPSPG partners to design, develop, build, implement, & integrate best practice solutions, business controls, deliverables & programs that will automate the drive toward confirmed business goals & objectives.
    MPSPG shares in developing, socializing, implementing, standardizing, & stabilizing policies, procedures, & processes that harness & direct the energies of everyone in the operation, engaging them as partners to address goals, initiatives, & challenges so that the business grows uniformly, effectively, efficiently, & harmoniously.